“I am a child, grown up. I am Little Miss Sunshine and the flower child of Silicon Valley, with a bucket hat and too-big boots and big dreams that are just the right size. I exist in tree houses and the Chronicles of Narnia, in matzah ball soup even though I left Hebrew school before my bat mitzvah. I am a critical college student who believes in magic and looks for it everywhere. I find it everywhere. I wear green to stay grounded and purple to welcome eccentricity. My soul is complex; like a wind chime it twinkles melodies in gusty commotion, like the c-string of a cello it reverberates, deep and rich, carved in redwood. I am nostalgic and present, vulnerable and strong, youthful and reflective… I am ME!”
- Gabriella Seltzer, CAS ‘16

beautiful human being. this is a really awesome project!!!

William Eggleston, Eudora Welty’s Kitchen, 1989


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